How To Control Yourself Away From The Difficulties That Weakens your mind, body and soul.

What is stressing your mind?

The Following Is A Courtesy Of LanreMadiba.

On the quest to find peace, you will go through some difficulties that may come with forces and waves to pull you down. You will go through times that will break out the sweat in you. Time(s) in pain, discomfort and suffering will count slow with sounds that make and hasten the troubles in your struggle. But to whatever you meet along the way, you must fight. You must stay ready to fight against everything that tries to hold you or put you to the ground. You may be going through the worst you had never been - you just need to teach yourself to control your mind away from everything that bothers you. Difficulties don't make nobody happy; straight fact, but strong men take every difficulties in their world as strength to build stronger buildings. Use the strength in you to build strong buildings with height that scare the fear in you. Life is never easy for anyone. It may seem difficult to you at first - you just need to teach yourself to overcome every difficulties that comes with the pain or suffering (or less).

If you're the type that is used to living a good and comfortable life, and now, turns a victim of the hardship and the troubles in time, you must learn to fight. You may had never been in a situation that you are now, it don't mean you should sit back and relax in discomfort to allow the pain and suffering to weaken your soul to death. Teach yourself to fight. Stand up over everything that puts discomfort in you.

Every strong and beautiful person that you know has once or various time been confronted with hardship that weakens them more than they can bear. We all go through that phase in life that difficulties come in strange and high - you must strive hard to pass through that stage that you're in. Stand up against every obstacle you face. Fight everything that tries to pull you down. Fight against everything that breaks you. Remove every pessimistic thoughts and fear. Take yourself away from everything that takes from the growth in you. Surround yourself with everything positive to make the growth of you. Take your mind away from everything that stresses it. Take your mind, body and soul away from everything that puts distress into it. Overcome every pain. Overcome all the obstacle that puts you in the difficulties in time. Strive to thrive. Strive hard so you can flourish. Strive hard so you can leave comfortable in peace and comfort. Strive hard and never give up.

To the depressing souls and the people going through Mental illness and Anxiety disorder:

To everything that lock you in chain, break. To the mind that drives you crazy, overcome. To the weakness in your soul, add strength to overcome. You control yourself, take control and uplift your mind, body and soul from whatever takes out the best in you. Fight against everything that removes the light in you. Add peace to yourself of the fire that burns your soul. Lift yourself above everything negative in thoughts or action. Overcome your fears. Fight the pain that inflicts suffering. Live and flourish.

This Is A Courtesy Of LanreMadiba!

Live, Dream & Fight.
Live, Love & Flourish.

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