The Following Is A Courtesy Of LanreMadiba

Peace to everybody following me. Peace to the new people that read me. Here are some Ramadan lessons from LanreMadiba:

The fact that there's a holy month or a period of the year that: Helps to find the peace in millions of souls; Transform millions into the real and better person to themselves; Guides so many people to find the light in themselves even though they lose themselves to the acts of wrong and evil of their own hands, all make the month a blessed and a wonderful period of the year for everyone who live or participate in it.

I hear other believers say "The Muslims are about to enter into the Holy Month of Ramadan: Things about to be different; Things about to change, boring but better; and less inhumanly in behavior." There's a great change in this month for everybody that fears their last day. Including myself - So many of the Muslims feel like they should only change for better only in this blessed period of the year - in which it ain't suppose to be. We feel like: Listening to misogyny or un-beneficial music or lyrics; Practicing unlawful sex; drinking alcoholic beverages; hate speeches and judgements, idle talks and all other false practices should only be abandoned in this blessed period of the year. We think we on the right path. We live blinded to the truth.

At this time of the year, so many people are able to reach through their heart; connect with their true self and soul to produce everything beneficial for the love and reward from God (Or Allah, whichever you believe in.) Every year I realize that: It ain't about the hunger or thirst, it's about the heart; purifying the heart with the fear and the reminder or remembrance that there is a supreme being (God or Allah) that the heart yearns for. It is clear to the fact that every believer has to drop their evil or wrong ways to live a better life - not just in the Holy month of Ramadan, but throughout their years on earth.

One of the greatest lesson I learnt recently was that: Just a smile to and from a fasting Muslim; is a charity. Charity is very important and ranked the third in the Islamic pillars of faith. A kind heart is a form of charity. Abstaining from idle talks and false speeches are forms of charity to self. Finding a purpose to your life; means you sacrificing everything to the growth of yourself; and that's the greatest charity you can ever do to benefit yourself. So Live. To whatever you believe in; do what's right. You have rights to your own freedom. Keep your faith strong in following the things that'll serve as benefit to you in this life and the one to come (whatever you believe in.) Don't let nothing hold you back to do or practice the things that your heart finds light in. The right path will never feel right to you if your heart doesn't breathe in peace and light. Ramadan Kareem!

Annotations: Straight from the beginning of this article till the end, I realize that nobody was willing to write to the Muslims; except few. Every other writers I seen, held back their pen or voice to write or speak as a result of the fear from the judgements of others. But for me, I grew to never hold back my pen and sweat to help every soul in the world; regardless of their race or religion. I don't have to be a Muslim to be able to write this. If you are a writer or a motivational speaker and you hold back to write or speak to every race or color; then you ain't never on the truth. You living blinded to the fear from the judgement of others. Don't do that.

As a philanthropist and a Muslim that I am. Everybody that know me, follow me, or read me will know that everything I write or say, come straight from the soul; racism ain't a part of the things I do or practice. I write to every race, every color, every religion. I write for the benefit of love. I write for the benefit of myself and my growth - same to the people that read or follow me. I believe that you don't have to come from a race or religion before you give or show love to other believers and non believers in the world. If we was made to be different, we would have been separated, breathing different air. Drinking different water. Living on different earth. But God (Or Allah, or whatever you believe in) didn't want it that way. If he did want it to be that way; he could have, and nothing going stop it. So live a good life. You have rights to whatever you believe in, but make sure it is right for the benefit of yourself and the world around you. Fear nobody. If the attention that you get causes you a fear not to live; then you lose yourself, and that's the worst of things. Speak. Live and never hold back the truth in you. Peace to everyone!

Note: Do not mind the usage of my punctuation marks. I'm just learning for future and greater purpose. Thanks for your understanding. I hope you learn from this. Subscribe to our website for more on Life-changing Inspirational Quotes and Motivation.

This Is. A Courtesy Of LanreMadiba!

My Apologies: Ramadan was 17 when I wrote this. I'm sorry for sharing this late. My apologies to everybody (Mostly to the Muslims and the world in general) I love every race and I'll always speak the truth to y'all. I'll always speak for everybody. I'll remain the voice for the people who don't have the opportunity to be heard. I love y'all.

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