Middle Of The Year Motivation

A Reminder To The Ambitious

The Following Is A Courtesy Of LanreMadiba.

It's six month and few days after new year. What big difference have you made since the past six months? What changes have you made to yourself since the beginning of the year till today? What are the visible and non visible growth in you? What move have you made towards your plans or dreams? Are you still on the level of procrastination? Are you still scared to put out work on the plans you have made? You had better ask yourself to be able to find the truth in this article or yourself.

Time's moving with its quickness. You may had never thought or done nothing on each and every plans or dreams you set, it doesn't mean you can't start right now. Do not procrastinate till the coming year. Start right now. Start living now. Tomorrow ain't guaranteed for you. It ain't promised that you going make it up to see tomorrow's light. Today, this moment, it's all you can see, it's all you exist in. This second is Life. It's what you have and can see. Start living in it. Start working. Start making moves on each and every dream you have set.

It's 6 months to new year, what plans have you made now and towards its end? You may had never thought of this before; or this article may have trigger that question in your head - but ask yourself: what have you made and accomplished in the past 6 months? Check yourself, what growth have you made to yourself? Are those fears that lived with you in the past years still living inside of you today? Are those pain that weakened you and chained your soul still locking you in mystery? You had better stand up right now, answer your questions by overcoming every pain, every fear that scare you away from the things you believe in. You had better fight through the difficulties that you're in to start living like a real man for yourself. You had better man up over every decision, dream and the plans that you may have written or set.

To the people going through troubles in time, to the people going through Anxiety, Depression and Mental illness: 

It may be hard to live and breathe in the period that you're in right now, it doesn't mean you can't change your present situation. It doesn't mean you can't move yourself away from everything that cost you the peace in yourself. Life may go hard on you, it doesn't mean you're the only one living in that momentum. You're not alone in this world. We all go through the enigma in the difficulties of life. It ain't easy for anyone. It doesn't mean you have to settle or remain weak and not fight to remove yourself from whatever life throws at you or give you in difficulties. When life goes hard on you, be harder, be stronger to overcome its forces. Raise your strength above everything that puts you in distress. Raise your head up high and use your strength to fight everything that serve as an obstacle to break you. Heal the pain. Ease the stress. Rise above and set your soul free from the weakness or the bondage it may have been put through from the pain and suffering. Lift your soul. And fight to set it free from every obstacle that holds it down. 

You're an hustler or a dream chaser? You going through anxiety, depression or mental illness? Whichever you may be or going through, work on yourself to flourish. Strive hard to build your strength. Your pain, fight to rise. Overcome your fears, stand tall and walk till you achieve greatness. Keep walking till you add to your peace, strength and growth. Do not wait or settle and allow time to run past whatever you have made in plans or set as a dream to achieve. You can always add peace to your pain or stress if you can search for it. You can always add to your strength if you can strive. Never let your weakness be the obstacle that hold you down. Overcome every obstacle that may stand to weigh you down. Remove everything that hurt you down. Add + Make positive changes to yourself. Add to your growth. Let nothing stop you from following + chasing the things that are Life-Changing in benefits. You deserve the world of its many greats. Never stop in chasing everything you dream of in the world. Make plans now. Work on every plans made. Follow + chase all till you get everything you deserve in full.

This Is A Courtesy Of LanreMadiba
Live, Dream & Fight 
Live, Love & Flourish 

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