Life-Changing Lessons From A Great Friend

Wise Conversation With A Great Friend

The Following Is A Courtesy Of LanreMadiba. 

Pain, Judgements, Trust, Fear And Anxiety:

Three months ago, a Great friend of mine shared her pain with me. With proper time picking on the words and adding great logic, I learned a big lesson from it. I don't want to be selfish, so i decided to share it to the world. The lessons start below:

Judgements: Change the way you see things. Don't be quick to judge people and the way they live. The people that you see in the light are another being in the dark; and vice versa. Move closer to people and you know their true intentions - and who they truly are. The people, whose ways don't appeal to you, don't be quick to judge 'em. We are all on a different struggle. And struggle sometimes may reform people for a greater purpose. Only you can get to know who you're, only you can find out. Search within yourself, you will find who you truly are; and who you will turn out to be.

The picture that people see of you, that's theirs. But how you picture yourself and where; is the most important thing. You don't need nobody's comment on the way you appear or live. Our path ain't the same. We all see things differently. When it's impossible for them to see your weakness; It hurts them. Then they turn to judge your every move. It hurts them that they know nothing about you. It hurts them to see you shine. Keep shining. Shine the best way. Don't let their critics get to you. Not everybody will respect you. Not everybody will like the real in you. Don't change the real in you out of the fear of being judged. Just do you and stay real.

Trust: Be careful of the people you put your trust into. The people that smile at your face may be the devil in human form. The negative people around you may serve as an obstacle to break you. Don't allow that. Not everybody that smile at your face during the day get to laugh with you at night. And not everybody that laugh with you in daylight get to smile with you when it's dark. People pretend a lot. They show you love to take everything good out of you. They hide in hypocrisy but smile like they mean well. They don't deserve your best. Be wary of those kind of people.

Fear: At a point in life, we become scared of the future to the extent that we forget about the beauty it holds. We surround ourselves with hurtful memories of the past. Due to that - burns ones soul making one unable to break free. It becomes an obstacle; stopping your growth in life. The past is the past. The past is gone. Overcome those pain. The future holds a lot. Nobody knows nothing coming. Do not let the fear of the future make you rest or settle for the little things you see. Train yourself to be ready to face through the rejection, the pain, the heartbreaks that come your way. Train yourself to be ready to face through everything the future (and whatever in it) throws at your face. Don't let the fear of the unseen make you settle for nothing. Don't let the fear of the unknown cause you Anxiety and Mental illness. Overcome every obstacle that tries to pull you away from your path. Fight against everything that takes out of the peace in you. Don't let nothing hold you down. Rise and fight. 

Life Lessons 
Everything we go through in life is meant to teach us something beneficial. Every pressure. Every pain. Every fear. And every obstacle we face comes with something beneficial. Hard times make one strong. Difficulties make one reborn. We learn different lessons in every stage we meet ourselves to help build strength for the bigger days. Don't be scared to leave the past. Don't be scared to live for the present moment. Don't be too scared to move into the future either. Overcome every obstacle that weigh you down. Make use of every lesson to raise yourself high. Live everyday to the fullest. Fight everything that breaks you. Surround yourself with everything that'll make the growth of you. Your past, drop it. The lessons, keep all of it. The future, plan for it. Plan today. Plan today for tomorrow. Struggle hard and keep struggling no matter what stands in your way. With that you'll be able to survive through anything.

Live, Dream & Fight

This is a courtesy of LanreMadiba! 

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