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Clear Truth About 
The Things You Don't see. 

The Following Is A Courtesy Of LanreMadiba! 

It's confusing when they say "Pay attention to the things you don't see." It just don't make any sense:

Why should you pay attention to it if you can't see it.?

Why should you waste your time on it, if you don't know what it is. Why should you stress your mind, body and soul, when it's not near to you.?

Why should you weaken your heart, when you can't feel it.?

Why should you wait for it if it's not real.?

Pay attention to everything you have at the moment. If you believe in everything good. You will work to get the things that you don't see, so you can own them. Your time is now. Time goes by. Every moment you have should worth your strength. Every love you give should be given out of truth.
Every strength you put in should be for your growth. The present and the future. Plan. Work. And never settle.

Courtesy of LanreMadiba. 

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