Hustlers Guide To Focus 3

The Pressure In The Hustle

Hold on. I know you stressed. I know you wanna give up everything. I know it's hard. You tired. I feel you. But you do one thing. Keep moving. Don't give up. You hold your head up high. You keep believing in yourself. You keep walking through all the bullshit. You keep trusting in your dreams. You keep working on yourself. All that pressure and pain will stop someday. Believe. Don't quit. And you going get the better days. 

Everything you going through. Hold on. Keep ya head up. Don't give up. Everything will be alright. Keep dreaming. Keep hustling. Nothing last forever. Find solace in your pain. Calm your frustration. Try to overcome your fears. Everything will be alright. Don't stop yourself from following the things you believe in. Don't et your pain overcome you. Don't let your fear overcome you. Fight everything that tries to hold you down. Fight. Hold on to your faith. Hold on to your dreams. You going win. Believe. ✊

This Is A Courtesy Of LanreMadiba! 




Live, Dream & Fight

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