Hustlers Guide To Focus 4

A Guide To Success 

The Following Is A Courtesy Of LanreMadiba! 

To the hustler living broke. Hustling to make a good living for himself. Hard but keeps believing in himself. In his dreams. Don't stop. Never let up. Keep pushing. Keep dreaming. Keep striving for the better days. Be patient. The right time is the real time. Work hard. Don't rush. Keep your faith up. Keep working. You going get the best out of days.

Sometimes the pressure from following the things you love the most may push you into giving up or settle for the little things you see. Don't do that. Keep your feet on the ground. Keep working for the better days. Keep walking through the pain to find peace to yourself. Keep believing in your strength to create things the better way. Don't let frustration eat up the strength in you. Don't let the pressure in your struggle make you give up on your dreams. "Keep dreaming of the world full of stars. Keep dreaming of your world full of sunshine and other beautiful things." Don't give in for anything little in your life. You deserve better. Never give up. Never stop believing in yourself, in your strength, in your dreams. Better days are coming. Don't succumb to the pain in your world. Don't let the fears, anxiety and the depression you going through take everything from you. Don't let the obstacle that you meet in your journey to take the love from everything your heart wants. Don't let the negativity in your world stop you from believing in everything you desire. You are the King to your soul. You are the Queen to your heart. Take control of your world. Do not let any obstacle pull you away from chasing the things you love. Live, Dream & Fight. Never quit. Never settle. Keep on dreaming. Keep on grinding. Better days are ahead.

This Is A Courtesy Of LanreMadiba. 

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