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Governments be full of liars. Tricksters. They are Inconsiderate about nothing. Same government who don't do nothing for the youth say "The Youths aren't ready to work." They say we're lazy, but they hide under the curtains talking nonsense opposite the truth. They're blind to see what we go through. They're blind to see that we are not just ready to work, but we're born ready. They don't want nothing good for us. So we had to grind on our own (By Any Means).

As growing kids in the country, we learn through the difficulties we meet in our daily lives. Many Nigerian hustlers barely see their family through to overworking with the sole aim of putting a plate on the table for themselves and their families. And all they get, a small pay. We have no other choice but still we do it.

They take our money, our sweats for their own gain. They put us in hell to build their own paradise. They take our jobs from us and give it to their children. Their children who doesn't even understand shit about the country. Their little kids who spends holidays traveling around the world. Schooling in the biggest schools, and when they ready to enjoy more of good life, they take over us. Rule over us and punish us the more. They don't know the suffering. They don't understand what it feels like to fight for a life that'll provide satisfaction.

But still we endure all the pain and suffering. We scared to talk. We scared to fight. We shed so many tears trying to figure out why the government don't like us. We shed tears trying to figure out why we have to live through the difficulties they put us through. No jobs for the graduates. We keep low. No money for the old ages. We say nothing. The same people that told us to go to school to learn hell, told us to learn handwork with it. And the little job they(youths) got, they treat them like slaves and collect more than half of their money for tax.

They keep screaming change, but stylishly taking all our change. We living strange now. They take all our jobs and give it to their kids. They lie to keep us down. They lie to stay on top (in power). They threaten us if we dare to fight (protest). They talk change but we see everything strange. Youths can't do the things they want to do. Nigerian youths can't chase their dreams. No jobs. No money to make our plans/dreams come alive.

Politicians are full of scams, old men and women who can't take care of themselves or they family. But still they ruin our lives by ruling over us. And lets face it, the government are responsible for the youths breaking the laws. Every growing kid nowadays is involved in one illegal business or the other. Our Lifestyle is the way they made us to be. Don't blame it on us. Blame it all on the politicians. They don't want us. I bet they want us dead. They send innocents to jail on no bail. They talk overcoming unemployment but they made things worse. They don't allow us take part in the development of these Nation. Tell me is that life? Tell me, are you tired of seeing things go the wrong way? Are you tired of being ruled over by selfish humans. Are you tired of being ruled over by the sick, crazy and the dying ones who have no idea what it feels like to be hustling on the street. I know you're tired. I know you're tired of seeing yourself and relations stress over their rights. You want a better life. You want to make something good for yourself and your generations to come.

Now, Its time to speak. It's time for revolution. Its time to give up everything for the growth of ourselves, and not the growth of their riches. The revolution is now. We must fight. We must end all the bullshit they're putting us through. Our Revolution is now!!!

Truth be told. The fear i went through writing this. And the fear in me right now sharing this don't want me to share this information to Nigerians and the world. But i say fuck it, nothing non existing is going to hurt me for speaking from my heart. Nothing non existing is going to hurt me for speaking the truth. Nothing non existing is going to hurt me and you if we stand up to fight for ourselves. Our rights. We deserve a better life. So we must fight, regardless of what stands in our way. We can't continue to stay low for them to keep insulting us(Nigerian youths). We're not lazy. We're soldiers. We do everything for our growth. We do everything possible just to survive. We're ready to do anything to survive. We're born ready.


This Is A Courtesy Of LanreMadiba

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