Dedicated to a lost one:


"Death don't mean any harm. It's a must." You see we all going die someday. Everybody you know who's gone. They didn't choose for things to be the way you see it. Its just the way it is. The way of life. Life takes from us uninformed. Same way gives things uninformed. Everybody close to your heart now, deserve to be loved, deserve to be cared for every time. You don't have to wait till they die before you show that love back. R. I. P don't mean nothing if it's just for a day or two. R. I. P don't mean nothing if it doesn't come from the heart of those who wishes it to the dead. 

"Death is a Mystery. Death doesn't even know why it takes from us. Death doesn't know why he had to take a young for the old." Don't blame death, he's just doing his job. He's living to the command of the mighty one, GOD. Death doesn't understand why he had to take a struggler who believes in what they doing. In reality, our time has been written in a book since before birth. If it's your time, it stops even when you about to make your dreams. When your time comes, ain't nothing you can do about it. You may have dreams, but may never be able to live to reap the struggle for your dreams. You may set dreams but may not be able to see the light from your dreams.

So live. Live for every day. Stand up for yourself. Stand up for everything you believe in. Leave everything that doesn't breathe positive. Have fun. Go to the beach. Study. Chase your dreams. Whatever you wanna do. Live! Live.! The dead is on a journey of his own. You here. Live. Life goes on. It's hard to face the fact that the people close to our hearts are no more. Memories of them make one scared in life. It makes one become scared about everything. Don't be. Fear death but don't be scared of death. Keep ya head up and do your thing. He dead now. He living he's own life in another world. You here. Just live. It's his time. It's gone. Your own time still counts. It's here in this world. Live it. Fuel yourself of everything positive. Live but remember that you going die someday to. I pray we live to see the better days. I pray we see through the best in years. And i pray he rest in Perfect peace.

Dedicated to a friend, a dream chaser. 


Courtesy Of LanreMadiba
April 23 2018

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