The Right Way To Live

How To Relate/Behave With Others 

Do not judge a man by the way he lives. It's a crazy world with so much pain in it. There are mysteries unsolved in the world. We all going through fear. Pressure and pain. We all struggling on a different path. It is never easy for anyone. If was never easy for the old generations to. A lot of people are in pain. In frustration. Some are suicidal. Be careful whom you give opinion to. Be careful how you relate with people.

Watch your tone. Be careful how you interact with others. Think on every statement before you make it. Your opinion or judgements may bring some people down. You just might not know. We all have weaknesses in our soul. A little word can trigger that weakness. It could trigger another man's anger. It can hurt one deep inside the soul. And you may not know the pain you've cursed into others.

Be careful what you say and how you say it. Watch your tone. Think deep, before you speak. Study people well before you put words into them. Know whom to give opinion to. We all have different ways we interpret statements. You may not mean any harm but it could hurt the person you least expected.
Watch your tone! Think before you speak! Speak wisely!
Started - Feb 22 2018
Ended - March 8 2018

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