Life Lessons From MEMORIES DONT DIE ALBUM - Tory Lanez


The following is a courtesy of Tory Lanez and LanreMadiba!

"MEMORIES DON'T DIE" is the latest from the Canadian superstar Tory Lanez also known as fargo. MEMORIES DON'T DIE is the latest and the second piece from the superstar. His first album "I TOLD YOU" did well.

MEMORIES DONT DIE teaches a lot of lessons. Each track with emotions and truth from the superstar past life and present. His ups and downs. His loss. Accomplishments. Pain. Rejection. Beef and Reconciliation. And mis-opportunities.

Each track has it own lessons. The raps star put In so much hard work on this album. The talented rapper is all about moving to Greatness. He's an inspiration to so many youngsters striving for a better life.

Without further ado The lessons comes below.

1. Memories - Tory Lanez

Remember me for being laughed at.
The kid with no cash when they asked where the cash at
People hustle all their life with diamonds and gold. And lose it all in one night by selling their soul
As the memories come. And the memories go
People die every day. But the memories don't.

Lesson to learn: Courtesy of LanreMadiba
A lot of people don't know the true way to live. They take shortcuts to get almost everything. They follow other people thinking that they'll survive doing the same thing as they did. They spend their lifetime hustling for money, for chains, shoes, wears and other material things of the world. And Lose it all for the same reason they got it. They spend their nights hustling without good sleep and then when they get it, lose it in just one day. They made money, but didn't make plans. It ain't the right way to live. You can't survive doing that same thing everytime. - LanreMadiba

2. Old Friends x New Foes

Old friends become strangers
New friends become dangerous
Never does it ever let me down
'Til you have real friends
'Til you have real friends

Lesson to learn: Courtesy Of LanreMadiba
Do you have real friends? Do you truly have real ones? You better learn how to give trust to the right people. Trust nobody. Day ones can turn on you. Real friends can become fake. So many of us are about the material things in the world. It's hard to find a friend that will support you through everything you going through. Be careful who you move close with - LanreMadiba

17. Happiness x Tell Me

Lyrics :
It, it was clear as day, I remember like, oh, remember I was at school
And I just, uh, just waiting for my ride
You know, it never came, so I end up walking home
Remember it was just pouring rain the whole time I was walking
You know
Talking 'bout, shooting me in the head, I just felt it a bad day
You know, so I get to the house, you know
All of a sudden I see my sister, she just
She just crying, just bawling, in tears
You know, she just runs past me, so I asked her, "Yo, what's wrong?"
She just slammed the door, she don't say nothing
You know, so, so my father then, you know, he call me in the kitchen
He sit, he sit me down on the counter and he tell me, uh
"You know, I took your mother into the hospital, " you know
He tried talking in a stern voice
"I took your mother to the hospital this morning and uh
By this afternoon, the doctor had pronounced her dead"
You know, so we sat there, we uh, you know
We cried in the kitchen and outside
Watched dad, uh watched him tell my siblings the news
You know, I seen this, this, this green cloud just kinda
Just kinda hover over us for a lil' bit
You know, so when I, when I'm thinking 'bout my mother, who I love to pieces/ Luella Peterson
I, I call it, uh, true happiness. - Tory Lanez

Lesson To learn: Courtesy Of LanreMadiba
You gotta find happiness in your pain. In losses. In rejections. In heartbreaks. In fear. In sadness. In hard times. You gotta find happiness no matter what you face through. Know that life is hard. So when life goes hard and mysterious in its difficulties, try hard to find happiness in what you love the most. It could be family. Lovers. Close friends. It could be your dream. Whatever you love the most, find peace in it. All the hate. The rejection. The loss. Death. Pain. Heartbreaks. Everything that life throws at your face. Try your possible best to overcome everything. Whatever happens came as a lesson. It happened for a reason. Hard times make one strong. Learn from everything. Don't let nothing stop you from chasing your dreams. Don't let nothing hold you down. Don't let nothing take away your happiness. Life gives you everything that you need to build your strength. To build your dreams. Overcome everything that gives you weaknesses. Overcome everything that takes from your happiness. Overcome everything that doesn't grow you. It's the only way to survive - LanreMadiba

Other Lessons To Learn: Courtesy of LanreMadiba
You've got to be ready to face through loss. You've got to be ready to face through rejection. Fear death but don't let it overcome you to the extent that you forget to live your life. Don't waste your life fearing for something that will occur no matter what you do or don't do. Death is normal. Rejection is normal. Everybody you know. Everybody you don't know will die one day. If you scared about the future or the loss of someone special you'll end up losing yourself. You'll waste your time worrying about what has been written. So live your life from day to day the best. Though the pain of losing someone very close to one's heart. The pain of losing someone you see daily is unimaginable. I know it's a bad feeling losing the people we love the most. It's hard to face the fact that we'll stop seeing them someday. But we just have to learn to live through everything that life throws at us. That's the only way to live. - LanreMadiba

There are so many other lessons to learn from the album MEMORIES DON'T DIE, but this is all we can get to. Don't just listen, think and Learn from it!

Lyrics from MEMORIES DONT Y ALBUM - Tory Lanez. Lessons by LanreMadiba!

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Live, Dream & Fight 
March 12 2018

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