I know i am a contradiction to whatever you believed in and that's making you loose it. I know you hate to loose but Sweetheart this is a battle you can't win. Your heart has already been telling you that for a long while. You try so much to hide your scars yet i see them as clear as the full moon. And that's what keeps attracting me to you.
You are begging me to walk away because you don't know how commitment feels like, all you know is betrayal and you have searched for it in Me but all you could see is that i want to stay. You are afraid that i will mess your heart up, when all i want is to kiss all the broken pieces of your heart and heal it with sincerity.
I love You as certain things are to be loved, in secret, between the shadow and the soul. Even though i will not understand some promises i am making now, I will still keep to them. Because that is what love is. Love is keeping the promise anyway. Let me kill the pen here for i have emptied my heart out of words.
But before i drop my pen, Let me spill it all out. As hard as you might deny that i am right for you, As hard as you might pretend about your feelings, As hard as you might try to control yourself around me. As hard as you might try to conceal your vulnerability, As hard as you might try to hide your fears, As hard as you might try to shield your heart. know that i know it all. From your deepest scar, to your darkest secret. From your brightest moment, to your silent tears. I know it all. and i just want to share your pain.
Truth be told, blocking out your feelings, passions and desires are unfair to both you and your heart. You are curious about my mysteries and i am willing to open it up for you. You have come to the end of your nightmares, but you don't want to dream. Hate has blinded you so much that, you are afraid to envision love. You don't want to cry but the tears keep coming. You are too acquainted to loneliness that you can't recognize togetherness. Boredom have enslave you, you forgot how to serve adventure. You are dying for love but you can't breath when it presents itself. You see all the answers you seek, in me but you keep searching for questions. I stand before you with pure intentions, but doubts have veil your eyes.

A. Y. Faisal


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