Is Doing The Right Thing Wrong?

Follow Your Heart, Do What's Best for Yourself And Others! 

The following is a courtesy of LanreMadiba! 

Just the other day, a friend came to me for my opinion on something beneficial. I would like y'all learn to from this. I would like the world to take this as something beneficial. Something to add to your daily thoughts. He asked and i quote "I feel like sometimes, you following your heart may cause other people pain and suffering. " I told him true. But the lesson that i want me, him and everybody else reading this article to take from here is that;

Whatever you are doing, i don't know about the past. Do it from your heart. Do what makes you happy. "If Doing The right Thing is Wrong, Then Do It The Best. " - LanreMadiba. You can't satisfy or impress everybody. We all have different needs and different wants. A person may see the good in you and take it as something good, as something beneficial. Others may see it as something weird and stupid. Likewise when you do something bad.

All you gotta do every time is to think before
you take actions. If it is clear to your mind. If your heart sees it as good. If it occurs to reason that it is good. Do it, no matter the hate you get from trying to make yourself happy.

In the world, what matters the most is yourself. Nothing else. Care for yourself first before you care about others. Care about your feelings first before you care about others feeling. Why do the things that make you sad but makes others happy.? Why do the things that don't occur to reason but make you and the world feel negative about you and yourself.

As a growing kid, we learn from everything that surrounds us. We learn from what is right. We learn from wrong. You can't take wrong actions and call it right. There's no peace in that. If you are happy doing that. If you're happy doing something wrong. You won't be happy doing that forever. Someday you going realize the time you wasted doing the wrong thing instead of the right.

Before you talk. Before you give an opinion. Before you take action. Before you judge anybody. Before you do anything. Whatever it is. Think. Think about yourself. Think about other people. Think about the influence that your actions will take on you and everybody else. You can't be right everytime. They can't  be right all the time to. Nobody's perfect. We all learning in the world. We can't learn it all.

So whatever makes you happy, positively. Do it. And if you surround yourself with negativities and it makes you happy. Well, learn to do what's right. Learn to think about the pain you will cause to yourself. Not now but later. Think about the pain you going cause to others. Think about the unending pain and hate you going cause to yourself and others. So Live right! Think before you take actions!

This is a courtesy of LanreMadiba!
Live, Dream & Fight
March 11 2018

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