Create Something Beneficial With Your Time!

Make A Meaningful Use Of Your Time! 

The Following Is A Courtesy Of LanreMadiba

Time is Life. Time is a race of life. Be conscious of it. Time waits for nobody. Be steadfast because it goes by regardless of what you go through. The fear. The pressure and the pain. Don't let any of it slow you down from reaching the height you aim for.

Make time. Then plan and work using the time you create. Use your time to create something beneficial for yourself. Time is useless if you plan without working towards it. Continue fighting or struggling remembering the little time you got.

A second use out of your time for a beneficial purpose may be the beginning of a good life. A second wasted out of the time you have may be the beginning of an unending pain or regret.

A time planned, is a time worked for. A time struggled for comes with a rewarded time.

A man's time starts soon after life is breathe into him. Plan for every moment before you take steps. Plan for the day before you take actions. Time is one of the key to success. If you don't learn to keep up with time, you'll lose in whatever you chase. If you don't learn to keep away from everything that will slow you down in your path. It will be too late for you to recover yourself.

The quote "THE RIGHT TIME IS THE REAL TIME" by LanreMadiba, only speaks to the strugglers, the hustlers working with time for a better outcome. If you don't plan for the little time you got. Then you planning to take unending regrets of the time you wasted. Time is life. A little time wasted may result in regrets and pain. A time planned and worked for results to a better and beneficial outcome.

Make time. Plan now!

This is a courtesy of LanreMadiba! 

Live, Dream & Fight 
Written - March 19 2018

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