A Man's Reason To Live - Inspiration

A Man's Reason To Live - Inspiration 
A Man's Reason To Strive For Life

The following is courtesy of LanreMadiba. 

In the struggle for Life, we all need that love, praise and support, even though at times, all this don't matter. Every man has a reason to live, he just might not notice sooner. If you don't need something the world would never give to you. The pain, the pressure, the fear, life is trying to train you for a better day. Different people with different story. Different background and stories with different problems.

The way a man sees things may be different from another. When things get way out of control, it does help a man struggle harder. If your heart beats for something, Follow it. Chase it and continue in that path. If anybody tell you, you ain't shit or will never be shit. Don't listen. Whatever you do, do it from your heart, do it for yourself, do it for the people you love the most. One day, the universe will give you your answers at the right time, because "THE RIGHT TIME IS THE REAL TIME"-LanreMadiba. Improve on yourself. Improve in your ways, try to be better in everything you doing no matter how far you are away from your dreams. One day, you going reach the height u been dreaming of.

Improve. Believe in yourself. Believe in your dreams. Believe in God (or Nature, whatever you believe in). Don't stop believing because one day everything you deserve will be yours and everything you've worked for, you going earn. Never stop believing. "NOTHING IS EVER EASY FOR A MAN WHO SEEK FOR SUCCESS, NOTHING IS EVER HANDED TO A MAN WHO DREAMS AND WORK FOR GREATNESS. HE STRIVE FOR IT. " By hard work. Strength. Focus. And determination.

Live. Dream & Fight
February 25 2018

Courtesy Of LanreMadiba. 


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