My Reflection On The Year

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The year is almost over:

Here is my reflection ( a lesson for us) on this year:

In life, there is always a lesson somewhere in our mind but we haven't spare the time to figure that out.

In this world, we're just passing by, it's only for a short period, Live it the best. "Live your life, i bet you won't have remain the same." If you feel useless, unloved, hated on or disregarded, try to live through all those negatives and just grow up from em. It's human nature to be surrounded by negativities, just try to grow up from em. Again, "If you try to live your life the best, i bet you won't remain the same"

Everything in life is a lesson, always put that in your head. The people, the hate, the pain, the fear and the struggle, they are all lessons that should be learn from.

The people you love the most, will one day turn on you, leave you alone to do you. And You will get hurt for putting your trust in em. Again, it's human nature to get hurt. Just Learn from it. What if death took em from you?, there's nothing you can do 'bout it, just grow up and learn from everything.

Pain will never stop, and so is your fear, try to overcome every obstacle that tries to block you away from your path. And one of the most important choice you will ever make for yourself is to "keep walking to greatness. "

Every day is a lesson and so is every year, it's your choice to either learn from it or let it hurt you with unending memories. Choose right and Stay strong!.

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This is a courtesy of LanreMadiba

Live, Love n Life

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