Last Minute "New Year" Motivation

LanreMadibas New Year Motivation

From LanreMadiba to the world
To anyone reading this;

Breathe. It's almost midnight, and just few hours to new year. Before the clock sounds,  breathe. Clear your mind and relax.

"Nothing is almost over and nothing is about to begin." 

Just find a comfortable place to sit or lay down (any position that comforts you). Now think, think deeply, look through your memories and see for yourself, see how u spent the year and other years. Ask yourself how you going spend the next. Few hours to now the clock going sound, you probably will start receiving new year calls and texts moment from now. Before the time, think deeply. Few hours to now (2018), are you planning something big, something different?. Two years before now, and Two years from now, respectively, did you make any difference or planning something different?, Or you following others talking "new year resolutions" every year and not doing shit. Are you going take the Bullshits from last year's to the next?. Are you okay with staying in the same place, the same low life position like the past years into the coming year, just like the last?. Think, think hard, dig through your memories, nothing is going hurt you, just think hard. The remaining time left for you is now, this moment, and if you don't take advantage of every moment to use it wisely, it going take advantage of you instead, use you later, and you going regret it. Make use of this moment, take advantage of it because it might only come once, don't be so sure of the next. Now make promises to yourself, not new year wishes, "PROMISES!." Wishes are only superstitions. False belief that we(you) carried throughout our(your) youngin and still in our(your) head till today. At any stage you may be now, so long as you able to read this article and understand, break the chain. Stop that chain now. "Nothing non existing is going hurt you," it's only in your head, stop it. There are bigger challenges coming your way few moments from now. You survived through the years but didn't make any difference, Don't take that crap to the coming year. Plan now, the remaining time left for you to think now might change your life forever. Every dream or goal of yours, write em down and start planning now. Don't just plan, plan to work, even harder. "Don't let your fears destroy your life, plan now. 
Don't let your pain control your life, fight now." 
It's human nature to go through difficulties, but not human nature to let it overpower you. FIGHT HARD AND REMAIN FIGHTING TILL YOUR LAST BREATH.

Note : I never meant or said that wishes don't come alive, they do, only when you believe so.

This is a courtesy of LanreMadiba


Happy Holidays! Happy new month, new week and a wonderful new year. 

Live, Love 'N Life. 

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  1. Happy New Year! It's so important to sit back and think on everything good, even when it feels like it was a bad year. Dreams and wishes (and goals) do indeed come true.

  2. Wishes do indeed come true. You just need to move your butt

  3. That's what I do. All day, everyday. Fight on! Life's good! Cheers!

  4. I really like the way you put the situation in images! I really see myself in the previous years, but that is why this year I took a different approach

  5. I love this quote: "Nothing is almost over and nothing is about to begin." This resonates as we begin anew each time we make the decision to do so. Now is the only moment that truly matters, and when we are present to the power fo this truth, we can literally, change the world. Blessings & Happy New Year. Evelyn,

  6. Enjoyed this! Really nice. I believe in fresh starts and fear is the ultimate factor that holds us back

  7. I have always stood my ground and never gave on myself even in the midst of challenges. This year will be extraordinarily better. Thanks for the post.