December Special: 11 Best Places To Visit In December In India
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Konark, Odisha
This place is better known as hosts to an annual dance festival by the name of Konark Dance Festival. To visit the sun temple, the month of December is the best time.
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Kutch in Gujarat
Kutch is one of the most beautiful and surreal places in India with a white salt desert and lovely moonlight nights. The place will offer deserts, oasis, beaches, heritage palaces, delicious food, religious temples and wildlife sanctuaries.
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Munnar in Kerala
Munnar is one of the popular hill stations in Kerala and attracts lakhs of tourists every year. Munnar’s tea plantations are renowned all across the globe. Weather here is quite pleasant during winters and you can have an amazing time in walking at tea gardens. December is the best time to visit this place.
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Kaziranga National Park, Assam
Explore the beauty of Kaziranga National Park during your Assam visit. This national park is a UNESCO Natural World Heritage site and important tiger reserve where you can see leopards, foxes, deer, flying squirrels, pelicans, hornbill and plenty of other floral and faunal speices. You can also spot world’s one horned rhinoceros here.
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Don’t care about the chilling winters and enjoy the fresh snowfall in various places of Uttarakhand. You definitely have some amazing time here. People from abroad also visit this alluring hill station.
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You can definitely have some warm sunbathe in this chilling winters. Goa is renowned as one of the finest beach destinations in the world. Winters are the best time to visit this rocking place.
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December is the best time to travel Auli in Uttarakhand
Auli is the popular skiing destinations in India. If you want to enjoy snowfall, then Auli is the best place. You can also do various other excursions like trekking and go to pilgrimage points, like Nanda Devi and Mount Neelkanth.
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khajuraho-in-madhya-pradesh-201712-1512374216Khajuraho in Madhya Pradesh
Khajuraho is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it is famous for its intricate erotic carvings on all the temple walls.
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It is of the most famous honeymoon destinations in India. Gulmarg is surrounded by snow covered mountains, lush green meadows, deep ravines, evergreen forested hills and valleys which makes it the perfect place to relax.
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Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh
You can enjoy the one of the most significant festivals of Indian Classical Music and Dance in Varanasi during the last month of the year. If you want stay away from the hustle and bustle life of city, then this place is perfect and will give you peace.
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Explore the beauty of Jaipur
Pink city Jaipur is famous for its unique culture, tradition and ethnicity. It is one of the busiest tourist destinations in India. Winters are the perfect time for sightseeing and holidaying in pink city. Don’t forget to visit vibrant bazaars of Jaipur.
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