Vision & Mission

Our Vision is a concept of imagination.
Am afraid many of us are loosing our Vision.
Now we see visions of the impossible. We see Vision to imagine the world exist and not exist. We see impossible Visions of being able to rule the world. We see so many impossible visions that are causing destruction to not only ourselves, but to the world.

Our main vision, the vision that we see everyday is slipping from our mind but we seem to choose the impossible rather than the possible. The vision that gives us the ability to dream and be creative. The vision to imagine the world grow, to see the vision of earth, we're loosing it.

Your vision is slipping away from your mind, and so is mine. We can't dream no more (even when we've never dreamed), or even imagine the world full of stars.

I don't want to lose my vision, my gift, my creativity, my passion, my memory, my life, my world of imagination. Am afraid that am loosing my vision so fast that am being erased from time, the universe, from myself.

Vision is a poison, making me see things that shouldn't be seen.  The poison is killing me and so is you. The poison is killing everybody, making us believe more in the impossible.

You should have a vision in life, Every human should unite, and stop believing in the impossible. We should work together to build a vision that will change the world for better. 

Abd. Malik & YBNRwriters


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