QUESTIONS ?? (About Life)

"Life is hard, life is mean." You won't stop believing in those if you don't try to answer questions that run through your head first.

Questions about life,
Questions about your existence.
Many Questions that you not sure if you going find answers to.

Ask yourself ;
Who am I?
Why am I here, in this life?
Am I better of not existing?
Or better of dead?

Now I'll ask you;

Why are you always settling for less when you know you deserve more?

Why you trying so hard to ruin others life, when yours ain't even right?

Why you fighting so hard on things that won't benefit you, but ruin you the more?

Why you wasting your time on irrelevant things and people that don't add to your life but destroy it for you?

The answer is simple and it lies within you, and if you are able to think deeply you will find it. You are following others because you scared of what they might say or think about you.

You've mistaken the right thing to be wrong, and took the wrong to be right.

You following old and new superstitions, believing that "life is too short, enjoy every moment" without even working to enjoy one.

You love something or someone around you more than yourself, instead of working to make your own life better, you are trying to make theirs better.

You have accepted the wrong fate, wrong fate that with all the pain, all the fear you going through, you can never make it.

You have accepted famous traditions because you see everybody follow it, and it is destroying you, your soul, holding you down and making you remain at the same point in life.

You thought that taking shortcuts in everything, in life will make you a better man, instead of struggling hard with so much hard work, to struggle hard in so much pain to be able to enjoy your whole life.

So many questions, with just straightforward answers. Each and every question that you may ever come across in life, about life, about yourself, think deeply before you act, before you take action so you can be able to give the right answer for the right questions, the right thing.

"And always remember to stay true to yourself, control yourself away from everything that no longer grows you. "


Drop your comments on this one. HAPPY NEW MONTH

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