The future is near. The future is man's tomorrow.

The future is a prophet of peace, Knowledge, Power, Advance in medicine, The new age of technology(machines), And the time of greatness.

To me, the future will also be a time of war. A time where humanity will
kill for space. A time where we are going to kill for the fear of poverty. A time where humankind will kill for love, sex and money.

Since the beginning of mankind, man has been fighting for territory, space, food and love, because the cause of war has always been overpopulation. And it will continue that way till the end of time. The future is not all about peace, it is about man survival for space, power and respect, and the development in weapons.

The future ain't just all about time. It is a prophecy of war, death and survival.

Written by Abdul Malik & YBNRwriters 



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