How To Make Your Dreams Come Alive


Only You Can Make Your Dreams Happen. Yeah, only you!
Why you always scared of being successful? Why you always thinking you can't do something better for yourself?
Why you think your struggle ain't going pay one day?
Your fear, your pain has overcame you, why? Why are you scared?

Procrastination, excuses, laziness, pain and fear are holding you down, and you don't seem to wanna fight them, why?

There are so many questions that run through your head, questions you should ask yourself but you don't seem concerned to wanna find answers because you
scared of the person you might turn to be tomorrow.

Your tomorrow is holding you in a cage, and you don't seem to wanna break free.
You scared of success. You scared of being a better man. You scared of being a better person for yourself. WHY?

Tomorrow. Tomorrow. Tomorrow. You have not seized to live in tomorrow. Today has always been your enemy because you fighting it.
You relaxing too much believing that "Life Is easy". You think that just dreaming and sitting back without the struggle will earn you success. No, It don't work that way, it never work.

A dream without a plan Is just a wish.

Life ain't easy for no one, the poor, the weak, the less privilege and everyone struggling out there, in every part of the world will know that.

Every journey requires your strength, your sweat.

If you're are born with a silver spoon (rich) you can't understand how hard life is because you have everything. But truly, you lack a lot, because if you fall or fail now, everything is going look new to you. You never struggled so you don't know how it is.

Just one step that you take to better your life, you are able to open million ways to success. Do not think about what people will say about you trying to do better. Do not think about what the world will say about you, because your good, your bad means nothing to them. No matter what you do, they'll still judge you.

Don't try to impress no one . Everything you do, do it only for yourself, not for anybody.

Ain't you tired of being at the back? Ain't you tired of being the same person you were like your last year's? Ain't you tired of being at the same place like your last year's?. If you are, you have to stop making excuses and start now. Start struggling, hard, right now, today. Today is the only thing you have right now, take full advantage of it.

"Tomorrow never dies, but today does."

 Your future is in your hands, only you can decide what you wish to do with it. Start doing whatever it is right now.

Fail, but make sure you learn something good from it. You can't win if you don't lose. Failure don't mean you a loser.

You a loser if you fail to learn something beneficial from it.

You a loser if u fall and you don't try to rise up again.

Failure = More strength

You can always get better when you fail.

Whoever tells you theirs nothing good in losing, smile. Smile because you know the right path, and you on it.

Just stay focused, and be strong. Remove all the fear, pain, anger and other obstacle that may stop you on your way to find yourself, the better you, your success story. Know that nobody can help you but yourself.


Why am I scared of me?

Why am I angry with myself?

Why am i settling for less when I know I deserve more?

Why am i giving life the control over me?

Why am i allowing my fears, my pain overpower me?


Only you can give answers to everything, not me, not anyone, but yourself. Talk with yourself, meditate, find yourself, and you going enjoy the better days.

This Is A Courtesy Of LanreMadiba.

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