You think you know about depression.

And the dark thoughts that blossomed to awful reality

Or the eerie goosebumps of loneliness

Keeping aside the gravitational weight of boredom

And the large void of emptiness that fills the heart

You think you are acquainted with misery

Yet you have never seek for shelter in hell

And tried times without count to lure death

Or have you ever overdosed on spiteful guilt

You still think you have experienced pain

Ever drown in the pool of self doubt

Or wear the lethal cloak of sorrow

And made grief your only friend

Ever felt the burning bitterness of bile

Ever lost in the hysterics of oblivion

chew the poisonous fruits of regret

Ever begged for nightmares that rankle the body

Or daydreams that numb the senses

Still think you know depression

Is your heart a knotted labyrinth mauled

Or your brain a picture of gore and horror

I have. Have you? Still think you know it?

I didn't whimper or went down

You are never alone.

Written by: Faisal & YBNRwriters

Have a wonderful weekend! 



  1. Amazing. Very talented. And i can truly relate. Please keep sharing...

    Check my blog out i also blog about depression.

  2. I like this, its blunt and straight forward.