7 Success tips from Nipsey Hussle

7 Success Tips From Nipsey Hussle

I’m a fan of rap music and in my humble opinion; I think Nipsey Hussle is one of the best talents coming out of California.

His life story is remarkable. From being a gang member to being a CEO of his own company, he truly embodies the word, “hustler.”

When others looked for record deals, Nipsey got on his grind and did everything a record label did by his lonesome.

Hence his name started to bubble and he’s truly climbing the rap ladder.

Without further ado, let’s explore some of his lyrics which shed light on the path to success.

1. Control your time.

“On a mission your worst enemy is idle time.”

On the path to success, you cannot afford to have idle time. If you’re chasing big dreams, you have to substitute some productive tasks into the ideal time you have.

Ideally there should be no idle time.

If you have idle time, you’re heading towards mediocrity.

You have to play the clock instead of letting the clock play you.

You got to use every minute wisely.

What you do with your time determines what type of life you live. It’s really that simple.

The ones who use their time wisely go on to succeed, whereas those who don’t crumble.

2. Create a plan and then attack like a raging pit bull.

“I took my wildest dreams then mapped them out, I go for mine like it’s overtime, me and my n***** had to struggle so we over shine.”

A dream without a plan is just a wish.

You can dream all day, but nothing will ever manifest until you begin to mold life instead of letting life mold you.

If you come from the bottom, all the more reason to give it to the world.

You can come from the bottom and make it to the top, everyday someone does it. The only thing that’s stopping you is you.

3. Value the help you receive but don’t expect someone to go out of their way to help you. You have to do it yourself.

“Ain’t nobody gave us nothing, I just got my own.”

If people help you, cool. But you shouldn’t expect any hand outs.

There are people in this world who never begin pursuing their dreams because they are waiting for a hand out. Well hate to break it to you, but hand outs never come.

No one will ever help you, until you help yourself.

Get off your ass and do something.

4. Don’t let your past create your future.

“Ex fella still I got your kids college on my neck.”

A lot of people think they can’t succeed in life because they don’t have access to certain opportunities.

This is the wrong mindset to have because you can come from the bottom and take over the ones who are standing on top.

Nipsey had multiple run ins with the law and served jail time, however that didn’t stop him.

5. Believe

“Before you ball, you have to grind first. Them dudes never figured it would work, I had faith and gave my life and now my life’s worth so much more than money’s ever meant.”

The major difference between those who succeed and those who fail comes down to the level of belief each party possessed.

When you believe in yourself, you go hard and you’re willing to see things through.

On the other hand..

When you are filled with doubt, you put up a half ass effort and are quick to throw in the white towel.

So you have to believe in your ability to manifest a thought/vision into reality. If you can’t believe, you’ll never achieve.

Believe –> Take Action –> Have Faith –> Persist –> Achieve

6. The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary. You have to grind hard.

“Dreams come true, I’m the evidence…that’s only if you put the effort in.”

Whether or not your dreams come true is all contingent on your level of effort.

If you’re willing to work exceptionally hard and smart, you can have anything you desire in this world.

That’s the beauty of the American Dream.

7. Success is a process. Nothing happens overnight. The road to success is not straight; it’s filled with many roadblocks and dead ends.

“In order for me to grow I had to let go of some habits and its easy to say I’m on now cause you see it, and it happened but before it ever did I had to believe and get it cracking.”

When you’re watching music videos, watching movies or watching a basketball game and you see the superstars performing, realize that what you see on your television screen is the result of the superstar putting endless hours into his/her craft when the lights are shut and the cameras are off.

It’s easy to point at someone successful and label their success to be a by-product of luck, however luck doesn’t play as much of a role as you may think.

Instead it just boils down to what you are willing to do to succeed.

So I ask you…

Are you willing to put your dreams above everything else? 

Nipsey is not my favorite rapper but inspires me a lot. 
Listen to Slauson and Crenshaw. 

Lanre Madiba
Great suggestions. Love em. My favorite Nipsey song is, Crenshaw and Slauson (True story) 

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